The Swamp Drivers Duo is an alternate way to hear and see the Swamp Drivers show. This duo consists of 2 vocalist, one plays a guitar the other plays a bass but with a bunch of our instruments. We've been featured on the Rachael Ray show, opened for Marshall Tucker & more. Email me for info @ 

A Fans cell phone video of the swamp drivers duo

 Yes I"m playing a guitar I made from a Automotive air cleaner, that's the Swamp Drivers Duo show. We make and play instruments, we've been featured on the Rachael Ray TV show, Guitar Player, Easyrider, opened for Marshall Tucker and more. 

Email me for booking info at


 What does a Mojo Instrument show look like?

  • I'll bring instruments I've built that have been featured on National TV and in magazines. 
  •  I'll tell fun and entertaining stories about the guitars. 
  • Then I'll play each instrument. I have many viral video's doing this.
  • People of all ages love to see these instruments. 

What do these instruments sound like?

Here is the musical part of a Mojo Instrument show.