The story behind the SWAMP DRIVERS

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About Us

Why did I start a band making and playing these homemade instruments????


A few years ago a buddy of mine Ted Toscano made me a Cigar Box guitar for a gift. I wanted to make something for him but make it crazier. So I was walking around my garage and I seen a broom and thought, I think I can make this into an instrument. I put on a pickup, 3 tuners, a muffler clamp, a piece of an arrow, a coke tin to hold the electronics, tadaaaa ,,, The broom guitar was born, well we call it the Witch Stick. I plugged it in and started trying to play it, even though it was a pain to play, it had this cool sound so I kept working on it. I had another band at the time called Johnson & Company and we were playing at a bar and decided to bring out the WITCH STICK. I brought the broom in the bar and leaned it against the wall then went out to get more gear. When I came back in, there were a bunch of people taking pictures of that old broom and asking if I was really going to play it. Later that night, I pulled it out to play and again the camera's came out to video it. On the very long trip home that night I began thinking about how everyone flipped out over the broom guitar so I decided to form a new band, making more homemade instruments, I started contacting other musicians, including Ted, told them my idea and put together a band making and playing these instruments. Sorry Ted, I never did give him that broom. I have a few more stories about how and why I named the band THE SWAMP DRIVERS.... so stay tuned...